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Forex: Foreign Currency Trading Exchange Brokerages  


Admiral Investment & Securities - Focuses on providing brokerage services on the forex-spot and CFD markets.

Advanced Currency Markets - Online forex trading, 3 pip spreads on main currency pairs. Real-time price feed on all majors currencies.

Aforex, Inc. - Online forex market maker offering institutional and private investors real-time execution.

Akmos Trade - Offering 24-hour trading in four major currencies, with access to free real-time market news, quotes, and charts. Established in 1995.

Alaronfx - 24-hour, real-time Forex trading at Interbank spreads with live, streaming quotes. - Offers no-commission forex trading, free real-time quotes, charts and news. 60 day free trial.

Avellan Capital, LLC - Managed accounts for foreign currency trading featuring professional traders with 5+ years experience. - Offer: educational courses and seminars, online trading accounts (mini FX, standard FX) and managed accounts.

Bull FX - Foreign currency broker specializing in ongoing trader support.

Capital Forex - Online Foreign Exchange broker specializing in ongoing trader support.

Capital Growth Online - Online forex trading.

Caxton FX Ltd. - Providing foreign exchange and international transfer services for private and corporate clients.

Charter FX - Offers foreign exchange traders advanced and secure method for trading online.

Choice FX - Online currency trading network.

City Credit Capital ( Labuan) Ltd - Licensed foreign exchange broker providing both on-line and traditional brokerage services to institutional investors and individuals.

CMC Group Plc - Founded in 1989, CMC Forex is one of the world's leading online FX Derivatives Market-Makers.

Commerce Bank & Trust - Online foreign exchange trading for investors and international payment services.

Currency Connect Trading, Inc. - Online forex trading and training course.

Currency King - Foreign currency broker offering 3 pip spreads on all major currencies.

Currency UK - Specialists in foreign exchange.

Currenex, Inc. - Services for a variety of financial instruments such as forex spots, forwards, and swaps.

DIF Broker - Provides online trading with charts, news, quotes and forums. - Providers of an online forex trading platform.

E Net Speculation S.A. - Real-time futures and forex trading. Free trial account.

The ECU Group plc - ECU's foreign currency management programme has a successful 13 year track record of reducing both its clients' loans and their interest payments. - Financial online trading with all markets in one platform.

Excalibur FX - Foreign exchange portfolio management and asset allocation.

Fairlot Financial Group Ltd. - Offer commission free trading, includes Contracts for Difference (CFD?s) on Stocks, Bonds, S&P 500, and other Indices, Futures and Currencies on the same platform.

First Forex Group - Resource for fx trading. Charts, news and quotes. Registration required.

Foreign Exchange and International Payment Service - Foreign Exchange prices and international payment service for both corporate and private clients.

Forex Capital Management - Provides Forex resources, online trading and company background.

Forex Capital Markets LLC - 24 hour online currency trading for institutions and professional traders.

Forex Capital Services Ltd. - A site for Indian and overseas corporate for fx portfolio management. Provides news, market analysis and advisory services.

Forex Capital Trust & Management Gmbh - 24h forex trading.

Forex Cash - Tight spreads and real-time prices. Small minimum account balance to start.

Forex Consultant - Company offering managed accounts, trading signals, strategies, forecasts and training.

Forex Day Trading - Forex trading educational information and live demo to practice day trading. Also provide managed forex account services for individuals and institutions.

Forex Internation Trading Group - Offers forex brokerage services and managed accounts.

FOREX International - An Introducing Broker for Advanced Currency Markets.

Forex Millenium - Forex and CFD online brokerage, featuring a non-requoting interfase and 3-pip spread on major pairs, plus a bonus.

Forex Solutions LLC - Online trading service for the foreign exchange market.

Forex Spot - Full featured currency trading firm.

Forex Standard Pvt. Ltd. - Forex trading news, technical analysis, currency exchange trading.

Forex System Brokers - Executing Trading Systems and Advisory Services in the Forex Market.

Forex trading - full service currencies brokerage firm. Clients can self trade on-line or have a professional trader manage their account.

Forex Trading Online - 24 Hour On-Line Currency Trading. Forex trading systems available and managed accounts.

Forex USA - Real time foreign currency trading.

Forex-arabia - Trading Forex, Visual Trading platform "arabic" interface , and Managed accounts.

Forex-ICE - Offers live foreign exchange online currency trading and managed accounts for forex traders, individual and institutional investors.

Forex-tr - Online money management services, real time quotes, charts, news and 24 hour trading.

FX Active - Offers opportunity to trade the five most traded currencies online.

FX Advantage - offers online foreign exchange trading to the everyday investor.

FX Advisors LLC - Self directed and managed foreign exchange trading.

FX Asset Management - Managed forex accounts, trading, individual and institutional educated trader.

FX Euro Club - Real-time FOREX trading software with quotes, news, fundamental and technical analysis.

FX INTL Forex Brokerage - Online foreign exchange currency trading brokerage.

FX Solutions - Currency trading in the major pairs and the crosses, live demo and flash tutorial.

FX Trading, Inc. - Provides brokerage services, including technical analysis, charting and current news on the foreign currency markets.

Fxall - Electronic trading platform offering foreign currency trade execution, access to research, and straight through processing. - Offers trading services in the major currencies and gold.

FXDirect - Offers foreign exchange risk hedging and protection for corporate and private clients.

FXDirectDealer - Online foreign exchange trading. Professional service, no commissions, fair and competitive pricing, 24 hours a day.

FXInvest Online - Forex trading of major currencies. Free quotes,charts,news andtechnical analysis. No commission/transaction fee. Middle Eastern IB and agencies welcome. - Professionally managed Forex accounts. CFTC/NFA regulated.

FXTrade Signal Plus - Offers personal and managed foreign exchange trading accounts.

GAIN Capital - Independent provider of online currency trading.

GCI Financial Ltd - Online currency broker providing 24 hour commission-free trading, free charts and quotes, and insured client funds

Genforex and Finance SA - Provides a 24 hour dealing spot forex for private and institutional investors.

Gerrard Group GNI Ltd - 24 hour margined forex trading, vanilla options and exotic otc options.

Global Forex Trading, Ltd. - Global Forex offers 24 hour online Forex (FX) trading, offering over 40 currency pairs featuring DealBookFX, the world's most advanced Forex dealing software and free demo accounts.

Goetz Financial Forex - Online currency trading with technical analysis, charts and forex news.

Goldberg Foreign Exchange Brokerage - Currency trading firm offering brokerage services and online information for various Forex combinations.

Grant Global Services, Inc. - Self-directed online trading, managed foreign exchange, and analytical services.

Guardian International Forex Corp. - Foreign currency exchange, retail and wholesale dealers in cash, wires, drafts, and precious metals. Daily rates, news and exchange history.

HotSpotFX - Currency trading and electronic matching for financial institutions, corporations, hedge funds and individual investors.

IG Foreign Exchange - Full service in equity contracts for differences and foreign exchange service.

Inforex Consulting Corp. - Online forex trading. No commissions. Free demo for practice trading.

International Currency Group - Investment firm specializing in the trading of foreign currency.

InterTrade Forex, Inc. - Self traded & managed Forex accounts for clients. Trading platform. 24 hour daily trading. Mini FX account available. - Forex Trading Online.

Kshitij Consultancy Services - Foreign exchange consultants.

Kuwait International Financial Group - Forex trading broker based in Kuwait.

Lavender Placements - Brokerage firm specialized in foreign exchange.

London Capital Forex - online FX margin trading, with streaming rates, charting, news and commentary.

LP Capital Management Inc. - Provides foreign exchange brokerage services for both institutions and individuals.

Manitou Inc. - Controlled risk through managed investments in foreign currencies. - Online trading of global market indexes and forexes.

MDI Corps - Foreign exchange trading, currency options and stock index.

Mercantile Exchange Corporation - Wholesale brokers in the Canadian corporate foreign exchange market.

Meridian Forex Pty Limited - Trade the foreign exchange market on-line.

Metex Investments Inc. - Provides online foreign currencies trading services.

Panorama Trading Group - Offering Elliott Wave analysis in Daily, Weekly and Monthly advisories. Additionally, we offer self-directed or managed accounts with free software, 3 pip spreads and commission free trading.

Performance Forex - Provides realtime online currency trading, technicals, realtime charts, prices, market analysis and commentaries.

Phi Capital Management - Online Currency Trading, Free demo acct, charts & software.

Polpo Financial Limited - Foreign exchange management company. Includes information on two different funds available.

Premier Investment, Inc. - Provides online currency trading, managed accounts programs.

Pro Finance Service Inc. - Real-time information and transaction systems for operation on the world financial markets.

ProEdgeFX - ProEdgeFX offers a boutique like setting for the individual customers as well as the corporate or institutional investor.

Profit Forex. Ltd. - Self Traded and Managed FX Accounts for clients. Dealing Centre - Online Foreign Currency Trading in the Spot Forex (FX) Market with four basic currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF) with respect to US dollar, live quotes, charts, news and free demo trading.

ProtradeFx - Offers FX trading and managed accounts. Daily commentary and online demo account.

Rada Forex - Interbank Forex and Money Markets Broker. Specializing in Emerging Markets, Exotic, and Minor Currencies.

Real Trade LLC - Offers online forex trading. features demo account and quotes.

Realtimeforex - Foreign Exchange Market Maker. Provides 24-hour online foreign exchange trading facilities to investors.

RefcoFX Forex Trading - Offers online foreign currency forex trading. Direct access to the currency trading platform, news, charts and education.

Saxo Bank - Real time quotes, charts, news, analysis and online trading in spot, forward and options

ShieldFX - Provider of online currency trading. Offers a trading platform built for active FX traders.

Spot Forex Management Sarl - Offers brokerage services and managed accounts. Specialises in alternative investment techniques utilising margin investments in the forex market.

21st Century Forex - 24-hour online currency trading. Unlimited demo account, multi-lingual trading school with classroom and correspondence education.

Swiss Finance Corporation Ltd. - 24 hour spot interbank desk servicing directly all type of investors and institutions around the world on margin/netting basis.

Swiss Forex AG, Zurich Swizterland - SWISSFOREX owns a proprietar web-based B2B Platform for managed FX Account.

Trading Intl LLC - FX trading manager for the casual investor, using techniques such as technical, trend-following, support & resistance, and vollatility systems.

True Forex - Forex Portal, including Foreign exchange rates, forex news, currency market forex trading recommendations.

Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange - Current buy and sell rates of over 100 different currencies. Includes currency converter in CAD and USD funds.

Windsor Brokers - Specialises in forex trading, futures, commodities and managed accounts.

4XDirect - Provides managed no load Forex trading program without commissions, company background and Forex resources.


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